Women's City Club Establishes the Hazel Whitaker Vandenberg Award!

  • A $500 cash award will be given to a GRPS high school junior (Union High School)

  • The student will submit an entry describing a role model in their life

  • GRPS Superintendent, Teresa Weatherall Neal will present the award at the WCC Annual Meeting on May 16 at Kent Country Club

Women’s City Club of Grand Rapids was established in 1924 by a group of area women who were actively involved in the Grand Rapids community. Many of the activities that club members enjoy today began when the Club initially started, and the activities revolved around its mission. The mission of the Women’s City Club is to promote educational, civic, and social activities through study, community service, and friendly association. Hazel Whitaker Vandenberg was one of the 500 original charter members of the Women’s City Club. After moving to Washington D.C. with her husband Senator Arthur Vandenberg, she sent a monthly letter to be published in the Club’s newsletter. The letters described the happenings, events and social gatherings in Washington D.C.

“Hazel was active in civic affairs and was widely known for her charity activities. She was a role model for those she worked with because she was always trying to do good and to help others.” Nancy Dausman, WCC President

Students entering the contest for the HWV Award must submit an entry about a person who has been a role model in their life. Entries for the award must be one of the following choices: essay, photo, painting, poetry, short story, drawing, collage, or song. The entry will include a brief artist statement about why this person is a role model for them. Entries are due on April 10, 2019. GRPS Superintendent, Theresa Weatherall Neal, will present the cash award to the winning student at the Women’s City Club Annual Meeting on Thursday, May 16, 2019.

The Women’s City Club continues to find ways to promote its mission. The Hazel Whitaker Vandenberg Award is a recent endeavor to help support education and learning as one of the keys to future success.

April has been designated as Campaign Month to fund the award and donations are welcome. Make checks payable to Women’s City Club with HWV Award on the memo line. Checks can be mailed to: Women’s City Club, P.O. Box 2231, Grand Rapids, MI 49501.

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