April Member Spotlight

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The Community Outreach Committee represents Women’s City Club in the community. For many, we are the face of WCC. Our mission is “uplifting women and children throughout the Grand Rapids community, through service and donation.” The Women's Resource Center, HQ and the Y are the organizations the committee supports through your generous donations. During the month of March 2019, the WCC raised $466.00 for Women’s Resource Center, to assist women in re-entering the workforce. Donations for undergarments/foundations will give our sisters “a lift.”  

HQGR, is an organization that helps the disenfranchised youth and young adults within our community. It’s hard to believe that we have a homeless crisis right here in Grand Rapids. It’s even more sad to realize many of the homeless are children. This is an ongoing project for WCC, as HQ has so many needs. Right now, we are urgently seeking donations of new underwear for these teens and young adults. They prefer boxers, for the males (S, M, L, XL) and any style panties, in all sizes (S, M, L, XL) for the females. They also appreciate donations of shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc., even your hotel sizes, and gift cards for youth to use for evening meals.

The drive for The Y’s domestic abuse families culminates in December. Those donations were happily received when they delivered them.

Peg Spoelstra, chairperson of the Outreach Committee, has been a Women’s City Club member since 2014. She retired early 2015 from CETUSA, an international student organization providing opportunities for cross-cultural learning and living.  With her family, they’ve hosted more than 40 students from various countries, a shared experience (gift) that is theirs forever! Peg is passionate about her faith, and thrillingly, involved in a church plant. The Awakening meets Sunday afternoon at 12:30 at Dégagé. To worship with the clients of Dégagé, and youth from Cornerstone University, is perhaps the highlight of her life currently. Other passions include travel and spending time among other cultures. She’s loving this time of her life with my family and friends. She is a lifetime member of Beta Sigma Phi. The most valuable lesson she’s learned is, that there are tiny miracles every day - that following every loss is another gift. 

Cat Timermanis, co-chair of the Outreach Committee, has been a Women's City Club member since 2011. Cat is a retired art teacher who has a special soft spot for children, and adults who need TLC because of circumstances which deprive them of food, shelter and clothing. She volunteers for numerous non-profit organizations such as HQ, Festival of the Arts, Circle and Civic theaters and Granville Avenue of Arts and Humanities. She and her husband enjoy reading, foreign movies, British mysteries and travel. 

Community Outreach is visibly working in our community, giving back to those less fortunate on behalf of the Women’s City Club!